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Bulk Masks and Sanitizers

If you would like to reserve either of these items you can do so in two ways:

  • Contact or text 770-735-6161if you wish to place an order for specific items, quantities or have any questions.

  • Shop here on the website. Minimum quantities are listed for bulk pricing.  Shop Now


We have been able to source some of the products that are needed for businesses to reopen and also those staying open.  

We now have a co-packer in South Carolina that is changing over his operations to make hand sanitizer.  We can now offer 1 gallon liquid sanitizer for $49.99.

We have sourced a mask manufacturer as well. The masks are cloth masks and can be washed up to 15 times. We do have these in stock and selling at $4.99. We will be happy to place a bulk order for the business community at $4.00 each.  The minimum order quantity for the masks is 50 units. This will require pre-payment on our website. Shop Now

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